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2012 Highlights

New York Times Logo copyImages of Brain Injuries in Athletes
December 3, 2012


USA Today LogoStudy: Retired players more likely to die from brain disease
September 5, 2012


Palm Beach Post LogoAfter son’s tragedy, South Florida mother strives to reduce football concussions in youths
August 4, 2012


New York Times Logo copyTrying to Reduce Head Injuries, Youth Football Limits Practices
June 13, 2012


2011 Highlights

WHYY Radio LogoConcussions Jolt Families: Chris Nowinski on “Voices in the Family”
October 24, 2011


CBS Albany LogoActivist applauds NY concussion act
June 5, 2011


Chicago Tribune LogoSeven Ways to Protect Your Child’s Brain
May 3, 2011


National Geographic LogoThe Big Idea: Brain Trauma
February 2011


Bostonia LogoGame Changers
Fall 2010


Sports Illustrated LogoConcussions: The Hits that are Changing Football
November 1, 2010


BU LogoMild Traumatic Brain Injury: a Risk Factor for Neurodegeneration
Robert A. Stern, Robert C. Cantu, Christopher J. Nowinski,and Ann C. McKee, Alzheimer’s Research & Therapy, June 25, 2010


Time Magazine LogoThe Problem with Football
January 28, 2010


New Yorker LogoOffensive Play
October 19, 2009


New York Times Logo copyNew Sign of Brain Damage in N.F.L.
January 29, 2009



International Press

The Age LogoAFL players “at high risk of brain damage”
June 2012


Four Corners LogoHard Knocks
July 6, 2012

Video & Radio

Chris Nowinski discusses concussions and CTE on WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan Show. Click here to listen.

Chris Nowinski, former NFL players Jim Brown & Kevin Turner, Stanford Medical School assistant professor Daniel Garza, & Aspen Institute’s Tom Farrey discuss concussions at Aspen Ideas Festival. Watch here.

Chris Nowinski discusses the “concussion crisis” on NPR. Click “Summary” to listen here.

BU CSTE Director Dr. Ann McKee Testifies to House Judiciary Committee About NFL Player Head Injuries. Watch here.

SLI’s Chris Nowinski delivers ACT in Tampa, FL. Watch here.

Sports Legacy Institute & CSTE on TSN. Watch here.

Chris Nowinski Addresses Concussions on Outside the Lines
-Part 1
-Part 2

Dr. Cantu featured in US Lacrosse informational video about concussions. Watch here.